Preventive Care

Preventive Care

Preventive Care - Dental Exam and cleaning - Allenstown NH

You brush twice a day, floss every night, and use mouthwash to kill bacteria and other germs almost every time you clean your teeth – but that doesn't mean you never need to see a dentist. There's a lot more to tooth maintenance than everyday home care, even if you’re extremely thorough. Only a dentist can confirm that you’re doing a good job maintaining your teeth, and can provide the additional cleaning that is necessary for optimal dental health.
What's more, there are some health issues—like oral cancer or serious respiratory infections—that can manifest early warning signs in your mouth first, making a regular dental check-up essential for overall health.

Teeth Cleaning & Maintenance 

dental exam cleaning
Most dental exams are quick and simple. Dr. Krothapalli will examine the health and appearance of your teeth, tongue, and gums and will advise you of any potential issues.
After your examination, our dentists may suggest:
  • Better ways to brush or floss
  • Procedures that could improve the whiteness or alignment of your teeth dental exam cleaning
  • Dietary changes to maintain healthy teeth and gums
  • New options for good oral hygiene at home
  • Dental appliances to prevent nighttime grinding, snoring, or other oral health issues
Dr. Krothapalli will usually suggest a teeth cleaning to remove any accumulated plaque and stains, leaving gums healthier and your teeth looking whiter.

Preventive Care Benefits
  • Health: Save your teeth and gums from harm and protect yourself from the pain and frustration of dental problems with regular preventative self-care.
  • Aesthetics: Prevent embarrassing cosmetic problems like discolored enamel, gum recession, chipped and damaged teeth, and even bad breath.
  • Value: You'll save thousands of dollars in the long run by taking care of your oral health now, rather than waiting for problems that need to be treated with expensive dental procedures.
How Often Do I Need a Dental Exam?

We recommend that you book a dental exam and hygiene appointment (dental cleaning) every six months. Most dental problems are painless at first, and only the expert eye of a dentist can tell you whether you are maintaining good dental hygiene or if your daily habits need a tune-up.
Call us Today at 603-485-8464 to book a dental examination , or to obtain more information about the preventive dentistry services offered at Tri-TownFamily Dental. Our practice welcomes patients from Hooksett, Northwood, Concord  and all surrounding communities.  
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