Implant Dentistry

 Implant Dentistry  

Dental Implant Dentistry Allenstown NH

If you're missing one or more teeth, you may want to consider dental implant surgery, or consult with Dr. Krothapalli about tooth implants or permanent dentures. As a permanent, long-lasting solution for missing teeth, implant dentistry could be one of the best dental investments you'll ever make.
Why Use Tooth Implants?

Dental Implants are used by adults of all ages and conditions to replace missing teeth, serving as a longer-lasting alternative to dentures or dental bridges. Where a bridge uses the teeth on either side of the gap to anchor the replacement tooth, an implant is anchored on the jaw bone, with no contact or impact on the adjacent teeth – it’s the next best thing to having your real tooth replaced!

Missing teeth can cause a number of common problems:  

Difficulty chewing and speaking
Lack of confidence caused by an embarrassing gap in your smile
Build-ups of plaque and bacteria in the gaps created by shifting teeth, making oral hygiene more difficult
Gradual development of tooth decay, cavities, and/or gingivitis
Professionally applied implants can solve all of these problems by providing a permanent replacement for missing teeth, improving your appearance and facilitating proper oral hygiene.

How Dental Implant Surgery Works

Implant dentistry is usually performed in three steps:

First, Dr. Krothapalli will drill a hole in the jawbone and screw a titanium dental implant into place. This may be done with local or general anesthetic. The jawbone fuses to the implant in about six months, at which point you’ll be ready to move forward with the next step of implant surgery.

In the second phase, a post is added to extend the dental implant. This will eventually serve as the base of your new tooth.

Once the gum tissue has healed after the second procedure, we’ll install the actual tooth – a dental crown – on top. This new tooth implant will look, feel, and function just like a normal tooth – the closest modern dentistry can offer to futuristic medicine.

Mini Implants 

For smaller gaps and tight spaces where a full dental implant would be difficult, we also offer mini implants. These are also a great way to stabilize lower dentures and prevent shifting.
Roughly half the width of regular implants, mini implants are not inserted as deeply into the jaw bone, resulting in a less invasive procedure and a quicker recovery time. Dr. Krothapalli can install MDI mini implants in as little as 90 minutes, requiring minimal anesthetic and a shorter time in the dentist’s chair. Learn more about mini implants.

Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants range in price from $1,000-5,000. But considering this is a permanent solution that, with proper care, will last a lifetime, an implant is actually not much more expensive than a series of bridges or partial dentures, which will need to be replaced several times.
If you’re unable to pay for dental implants out-of-pocket, we are happy to discuss flexible financing options that will allow you to receive the best dental implant services available in modern dentistry at an affordable, manageable cost.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Appearance: Dental implants look and feel just like your own teeth, restoring your natural-looking smile and your self-confidence.
Comfort and durability: Engineered to last a lifetime, dental implants ensure that you'll never have to worry about the discomfort or embarrassment of dentures.
Speech: Badly fitted dentures can result in lisping and slurring while talking, but implants will in no way compromise the clarity of your speech.
Eating: As strong and stable as your own teeth, dental implants make biting and chewing easy.
Oral health:
Easier to keep clean than dentures and gentler on your other teeth than a dental bridge, implants are one of the best choices for good oral health.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today 603-485-8464 to receive more information about tooth implants or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with Dr. Krothapalli. Our practice welcomes patients from  Hooksett, Northwood, Concord all surrounding communities.
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